The root of humanity’s Family Tree is seeded in the consciousness of higher peace, green earth soula consciousness as we first begun — Children of the Sun within the Sacred Garden Culture from which we come.

Kemetic wisdom for soul to soul consciousness

What's New?

For the soul deep within, deeper than the color of skin. Questions answered for inquiring minds as the pale veil of deception is lifted...yes, Mama Earth has shifted to naturally select those who are gifted with divine spirit conscious insight. Time to get it right in this coming forth of day by night.

Divine Spirit conscious Thought and Reasoning in Action

Our oral tradition is a treasury of divine spirit conscious knowledge passed down through generations of the Sacred Ancestral Naga Kemetic priesthood through storytelling, recitation, and practical demonstration. These moral codes and wisdom teachings promoted ethical behavior and strengthened social bonds within family community order.

whole life Education

A holistic living definition of education focuses on the nurturing of the soul and fostering inner growth. It goes beyond the transfer of knowledge to include:

  • Inspiring wisdom and soul-discovery: Guiding truth-seekers to recognize their inherent potential and connect to a soul to soul purpose rooted in the higher peace nature.
  • Cultivating compassion and empathy: Encouraging  connection within one’s being and with others.
  • Facilitating ethical and moral development: Instilling values and promoting actions that align with inner truth and well-being.
  • Creating a space for transformation: Providing a safe and nurturing environment for truth-seeker to transcend limitations and embrace the authentic and resilient heart and soul of green earth solar consciousness.


organic green vegetables in fertile rich soil

Everyday is Earth Day

Mother Earth is heating up and the waters of this meltdown are her sweat and tears to flush out the toxic waste from her planetary body.

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Traditional ancestral union of masculine and feminine energy in action

Nitty Gritty 9.8

Natural selection: green earth solar conscious rebirth within the divine union of masculine and feminine — whole life energy. The Sacred Garden Culture from which we come: solar-infused, plant-fueled…for the survival of humanity, Mama Earth and all living things thereof. Indigenous, traditional, ancestral sustainable living, securing our future generations.

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