Traditional African Kemetic cultures hold immense value in the transmission of knowledge and the shaping of receptive minds within the whole life energy of masculine and feminine Oneness.  In fact, the seed vibration of Universe and University have retained the meaning of “One Word” — the language of soul to soul connection that is the root, base and foundation of our First Genesis as humanity, Children of the Sun.

Green Earth Solar Consciousness 101

Are you ready to take your green earth solar consciousness to the next level? This inspirational, motivational podcast includes spiritual insights, musical interludes, spoken word, and penetrating analysis of pivotal historic moments as delivered by High Priest Kwatamani, sacred ancestral soothsayer, soul seer and spiritual healer.

We are talking about infusing a high-intensity higher-peace conscious communal nature of energy into your awareness so as to empower you brain, body and spirit.

High Priest Kwatamani draws upon ancient Kemetic wisdom to reveal the hidden source of current modern day crisis while offering the time-tested and proven holistic living solution of divine social economic family community order as rooted in Maat.

An entire free library of Kemetic consciousness teachings. Look, listen, learn, discern.

For the Serious Seeker : Kemetic Wisdom

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Green Earth Soula Consciousness 101

Ride the first wave of green earth soula consciousness…a new cycle of thought and reasoning in action.

“Overstand,” said the green earth solar conscious man, “what it is that we must do to elevate a sacred few, and forward the future generations of green earth solar conscious youth to safeguard the survival of humanity”.