Climate Change Reparation and Repatriation for Mama's Sacred Garden Culture

Climate change adverse affects on soil and crops

Mother Earth is speaking…an energy crisis in consciousness, low-grade, depleting energy manifesting signs and symptoms of mental, physical and spiritual disorder at every turn.  And She, as a glorious expression of the feminine nurturing essence, has reached “Enough is Enough”. 

Humanity’s crossroad: Two different natures of energy, two different natures of consciousness, two different directions.

communal consciousness

Nitty Gritty 7: Manifesting Soul to Soul Relationships, Reincarnation of Communal Consciousness

Relationships are key. Working together and living in peace, harmony and truth…divine social economic family community order is the blueprint of Maat, DNA encoded for survival of those fittest to sustain the whole life presence of humanity, Mother Earth and all living things thereof. As a species, naturally selected to reproduce the essence of humanity as the sustainable consciousness…Mama Earth’s climate changing Cycle: extinction of the lower and lesser state of mind. High Priest Kwatamani delivers.

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Nitty Gritty 3: Shocking Truth Gen X, Y & Z encoded by Ausarian Christ consciousness subconsciously

What if this moment was your opportunity to receive an energy surge so powerful that your life would be forever changed? See for yourself if this key fits the mental locks that entrap so many into a fateful depleting cycle of implosion. Can you sense the undertone of current events as we approach the crossroads of consciousness that leaves humanity only two directions to go? And those who seek higher ground will be the start to mold a new reality closer to the heart.

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Nitty Gritty 2: The Urgent Need to Free Sacred Souls of Generation X, Y & Z

You can tell a tree by the fruit it bears. Divine order or toxic reality — one sustains your living presence. One depletes your living presence. Two different natures of energy. For those who are ready to apply common sense reasoning to unveil the so-called hidden mysteries of spirituality so as to cross the threshold into a higher peace, green earth soula conscious state of being. Standing at the crossroads of a major bottleneck in humanity’s evolution of consciousness. High Priest Kwatamani deals with the Nitty Gritty in part 2.

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Mother Earth is a global feminine presence that is responding to neglect, pollution and abuse