communal consciousness

We Are Inter-Connected

Relationships are key. Working together and living in peace, harmony and truth…divine social economic family community order is the blueprint of Maat, DNA encoded for survival of those fittest to sustain the whole life presence of humanity, Mother Earth and all living things thereof. As a species, naturally selected to reproduce the essence of humanity as the sustainable consciousness…Mama Earth’s climate changing Cycle: extinction of the lower and lesser state of mind. High Priest Kwatamani delivers.

An Essential Bond of Oneness

Soul to soul relationships are connections that occur at a spiritual level, where individuals feel a sense of resonance with one another. These connections are characterized by a mutual recognition and appreciation for each other’s essence, core values, and life purpose.  Resonating on a soul level enables a depth of communicate that transcends words and conventional means of interaction. This deep connection allows for a profound level of intimacy, empathy, and fulfillment as the root, foundation and base of divine social economic family community order.

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