Divine Social Economic Family Community Order

High Priest Kwatamani

indigenous tribal meditation opt 3
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Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Parenting Energies: the manifestation of unseen energies
Basic introduction to vibrations and sensations that exist beyond the physical eye, but can be felt and discerned as they fuel attitudes, values, behaviors and beliefs -- producing the current events that we are now experiencing.

  • Video presentation, part 1
  • Parenting Energies Review

Lesson 2: Tracking and Tracing Holistic Alternatives
An historical context for the parenting energies of the death culture.

Lesson 3: Social Economics of the Death Culture
Looking at those factors that affect one's livelihood and the systematic conditions that either assist or block one's forward movement.

Lesson 4: Feeling the Emergence of Divine Social Economic Family Community Order
Putting it all together: divine thoughts and reasoning in action.

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