Divine Social Economic Family Community Order

High Priest Kwatamani

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A dynamic video lecture series that focuses on the principles and practices of whole life transformation within divine social economic family community order
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What I will learn?

  • Gain insight into principles and practices of divine social economic family community order as the most viable, sustainable option for humanity's longterm survival.
  • Comprehend the historical context outlining causes and effects of parenting energies, and develop a strategy for whole life transformation.
  • Align one's personal goals with the global movement of green earth solar consciousness.
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Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Parenting Energies: the manifestation of unseen energies
Basic introduction to vibrations and sensations that exist beyond the physical eye, but can be felt and discerned as they fuel attitudes, values, behaviors and beliefs -- producing the current events that we are now experiencing.

  • Video presentation, part 1
  • Parenting Energies Review

Lesson 2: Tracking and Tracing Holistic Alternatives
An historical context for the parenting energies of the death culture.

Lesson 3: Social Economics of the Death Culture
Looking at those factors that affect one's livelihood and the systematic conditions that either assist or block one's forward movement.

Lesson 4: Feeling the Emergence of Divine Social Economic Family Community Order
Putting it all together: divine thoughts and reasoning in action.

Material Includes

  • 4 video lecture presentations
  • study guide and lesson outline
  • review quizzes for each lesson

Target Audience

  • Lifelong learners
  • Truth seekers
  • Students of all spiritual paths
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  • No prior knowledge is required.
  • Ability to think and reason beyond the status quo
  • Willing to make time in one's schedule for dedicated study