Kwatamani Holistic Institute

Brain, Body & Spiritual Research and Development focused on the next phase of human evolution, 

the advancement and enhancement of soul to soul consciousness

Our story

Kemetic Wisdom

The mission of the Kwatamani Holistic Institute is to promote holistic health and well-being by providing educational resources that support the development of mind, body, and spirit. We strive to create a healing and revealing space where individuals can explore their full potential and develop their creativity and spirituality. We also promote advocacy, research, and cross-cultural collaborations to further the resurrection of the sacred ancestral spirit presence of the Divine Children of the Sun and the Sacred Garden Culture from which we come.

Kemetic spirituality represented by the Benu Bird

A Holistic Living Way of Life --
the Healthy Choice.

Are you looking for a way to enhance your spiritual well-being and conscious evolution? Are you interested in holistic living that is based on research, education and healing?  We are dedicated to helping individuals find their path towards spiritual growth by providing them with access to resources based on experiential research and holistic education with a focus on mental, physical and spiritual healing. We work to empower people with knowledge about holistic lifestyle practices that have been proven effective over the ages. Our goal is not only to help individuals reach their highest potential but also build strong families within unified communities through youth development initiatives.

Keys to Wholesome Health and Well-being

The beauty of you is a work in progress. Keeping it raw, real and naturally beautiful — inside and out. That’s what whole life transformation is all about. Start with the nature of energy that one consumes as the fueling source of every mental, physical and spiritual manifestation.

Plant a seed watch as it grow. One will reap from what one sows.

family planting
Garden hoeing sugar cane banana trees

Mental, physical and spiritual wholesome health and well-being fueled by the fruits of the Tree of Life in Mother Earth’s Sacred Garden Culture paradise.

A return to our ancient Kemetic garden culture consciousness has been highly anticipated as the soul to soul evolution of humanity.
planting garden
Sons and daughters reading

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