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Transformation: A New You

Rejuvenate. Revitalize. Reclaim.

Wholesome health and well-being is attractive, vibrant and fulfilling. Holistic living health is true wealth.

Life-affirming Steps manifesting destiny

A roadmap to the abundant benefits of a holistic living lifestyle: healing and restoring your greatest soul potential.

Intensify and accelerate progress

Matured wisdom, elder guidance...High Priest Kwatamani has fathered, inspired and sustained the oldest 100% raw vegan family community known.
Resurrecting Sacred Ancestral Femininity

High Priest Kwatamani addresses the essential life-affirming nature of feminine energy with his daughter...
Maat: Kemetic blueprint for a holistic living way of life

Holistic living principles of Maat, the Kemetic embodiment of truth, justice, peace, harmony, reciprocation...
Polygamy or Monogamy

High Priest Kwatamani addresses the Natural and Innate Role of Masculine Responsibility and gets gut-level...

The best is yet to come.

The beauty of you is a work in progress. Keeping it raw, real and naturally beautiful — inside and out. That’s what whole life transformation is all about. Start with the nature of energy that one consumes as the fueling source of every mental, physical and spiritual manifestation.

Veganic garden principles in action for wholesome health and well-being as a way of life

family planting
Garden hoeing sugar cane banana trees

Mental, physical and spiritual consumption for optimum fuel

Green earth solar conscious attitudes, values, behaviors and reasoning

planting garden

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