Empowering Generation Next

with Authentic Sustainable Resilience

A youth production of the Kwatamani First Genesis Tribe

Uplifting family community achievement

Taking time to express thanks, praise and appreciation for each other, the rewards of collective effort and the abundant garden delights of Mother Earth.
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Honoring earth, wind, rain and sun

Climate Action for Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health

For over 50 years, we have provided holistic living solutions for thousands of health conscious seekers

Survival is essential…Equally as essential, is advancement beyond mere survival through the consumption of the optimum fueling source for the Children of the Sun, specifically the Fruits of the Tree of Life within the Sacred Garden Culture from which we come. Yes, stuff is heating up, and global warming is closing out a deepfreeze meltdown, the kind and type of meltdown that will turn Greenland green again.

So, I say to those deeply afflicted by the pale mental mindset and its Self-asserting will: it is time to change from deep within. This is much deeper than the color of one’s skin. In this case, the change must begin by detoxing and purging to heal from the toxic nature of the pale mental mindset and its Self-asserting will. One may ask, “But where do I begin?” P. 116 from

THE PROPHETIC 12,594-YEAR BENU CYCLE: Encoding the Consciousness of Higher Peace through the Divine Union of Masculine and Feminine Energy – BOOK 3. Spiritual Analysis of Western Culture and the Re-Awakening of Naga Consciousness

by High Priest Kwatamani