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The whole life healing benefits of consuming raw and living fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, herbs and spice fuel a wholesome and healthy sense of mental, physical and spiritual well-being in action that speaks louder than words. 

Enjoy this heartfelt musical expression that celebrates the Sacred Garden Culture from which we come as a sustainable way of life during these critical times of earth-shifting change.

Do you feel that climate change has a spiritual dimension?Based on the term "spiritual climate change," is there a correlation between the physical changes and the spiritual changes that are occurring on the planet?

Stay Informed

Personal and collective values, beliefs, and mindsets play a critical role in shaping behavior and decision-making.   Whole life change is essential for securing the green earth solar conscious survival of humanity, Mama Earth and all living things thereof.  Stay informed during these times of earth-shifting change.

Science Daily Earth

  • New humidity-driven membrane to remove carbon dioxide from the air
    on July 19, 2024

    A new ambient-energy-driven membrane that pumps carbon dioxide out of the air has been developed by researchers.

  • Although tiny, peatland microorganisms have a big impact on climate
    on July 18, 2024

    Polyphenols are generally toxic to microorganisms. In peatlands, scientists thought microorganisms avoided this toxicity by degrading polyphenols using an oxygen-dependent enzyme, and thus that low-oxygen conditions inhibit microbes' carbon cycling. However, a new study found that Arctic peatland microorganisms used alternative enzymes, with and without oxygen, to break down polyphenols. This suggests carbon stored in these ecosystems is more at risk than previously thought.

  • Sea ice's cooling power is waning faster than its area of extent
    on July 17, 2024

    As sea ice disappears and grows less reflective, the Arctic has lost around a quarter of its cooling power since 1980, and the world has lost up to 15%, according to new research.

  • Diatom surprise could rewrite the global carbon cycle
    on July 17, 2024

    When it comes to diatoms that live in the ocean, new research suggests that photosynthesis is not the only strategy for accumulating carbon. Instead, these single-celled plankton are also building biomass by feeding directly on organic carbon in wide swaths of the ocean. These new findings could lead to reduced estimates regarding how much carbon dioxide diatoms pull out of the air via photosynthesis, which in turn, could alter our understanding of the global carbon cycle, which is especially relevant given the changing climate.

  • Research tracks 66 million years of mammalian diversity
    on July 17, 2024

    New research has examined the fossil record going back 66 million years and tracked changes to mammalian ecosystems and species diversity on the North American continent.

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