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The whole life healing benefits of consuming raw and living fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, herbs and spice fuel a wholesome and healthy sense of mental, physical and spiritual well-being in action that speaks louder than words. 

Enjoy this heartfelt musical expression that celebrates the Sacred Garden Culture from which we come as a sustainable way of life during these critical times of earth-shifting change.

Do you feel that climate change has a spiritual dimension?Based on the term "spiritual climate change," is there a correlation between the physical changes and the spiritual changes that are occurring on the planet?

Stay Informed

Personal and collective values, beliefs, and mindsets play a critical role in shaping behavior and decision-making.   Whole life change is essential for securing the green earth solar conscious survival of humanity, Mama Earth and all living things thereof.  Stay informed during these times of earth-shifting change.

Science Daily Earth

  • Ice age climate analysis reduces worst-case warming expected from rising CO2
    on April 17, 2024

    A detailed reconstruction of climate during the most recent ice age, when a large swath of North America was covered in ice, provides information on the relationship between CO2 and global temperature. Results show that while most future warming estimates remain unchanged, the absolute worst-case scenario is unlikely.

  • East coast mussel shells are becoming more porous in warming waters
    on April 17, 2024

    Researchers have found that over the last 120 years, the porosity -- or small-scale holes -- in mussel shells along the East Coast of the United States has increased, potentially due to warming waters. The study analyzed modern mussel shells in comparison to specimens in the Museum's historic collection.

  • 38 trillion dollars in damages each year: World economy already committed to income reduction of 19 % due to climate change
    on April 17, 2024

    Even if CO2 emissions were to be drastically cut down starting today, the world economy is already committed to an income reduction of 19% until 2050 due to climate change, a new study finds. These damages are six times larger than the mitigation costs needed to limit global warming to two degrees. Based on empirical data from more than 1,600 regions worldwide over the past 40 years, scientists assessed future impacts of changing climatic conditions on economic growth and their persistence.

  • Understanding climate warming impacts on carbon release from the tundra
    on April 17, 2024

    The warming climate shifts the dynamics of tundra environments and makes them release trapped carbon, according to a new study published in Nature. These changes could transform tundras from carbon sinks into a carbon source, exacerbating the effects of climate change.

  • Substantial global cost of climate inaction
    on April 17, 2024

    Pioneering study reveals that limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius could reduce the global economic costs of climate change by two thirds. If warming continues to 3 degrees Celsius, global GDP will decrease by up to 10 percent -- with the worst impacts in less developed countries.

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