Personal Transformation and Sustainable Living Information

As a truth seeker, you recognize the importance of accurate and relevant information.  Being informed means that you can gain a greater sense of comprehension and clarity in order to make conscious life decisions. Conscious decisions are those that are based on holistic living attitudes, values and behaviors provide a stable and secure foundation that can withstand chaotic and adverse external pressures, biases, or influences. Being informed and conscious can empower one to take actions that are aligned with one’s soul purpose for the enhancement of one’s personal transformation. Being uninformed or unconscious can lead to unhealthy choices that are harmful and undermine one’s mental, physical and spiritual well-being.  Therefore, it is important to seek information from reliable sources, to question and verify the information, and to reflect on one’s own motivations and intentions every step of one’s spiritual journey.

Transform Your Life
and Live with Purpose,
Focus and Direction

Recognize that change
brings new possibilities and opportunities for growth.

The best way to prepare and adjust for the earth-shifting changes that are happening now is to consume the optimum fuel for mental, physical and spiritual growth and develop.  This means that nutrient rich, high capacity fuel is a mental, physical and spiritual requirement and the nature of the energy that one consumes has a direct impact on one’s state of being and one’s nature of consciousness.

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