Shaping the future

Ancient Kemetic wisdom says you are what you eat and we apply that wisdom to mental, physical and spiritual consumption.  Our research and development focuses on those principles and practices that have been time-tested with observable, measurable results that produce wholesome health and well-being in the personal body and the global body of Man, He and She.


The brain is our communication center which processes thoughts and reasoning to guide and direct action. Our energy technology works to clear the pathways of optimum brain functioning beginning with the food that one consumes as a primary feeling source.


The body is our vehicle of transport and manifestation, expressing the creativity of all life matters. Our behaviors and activities forward the Sacred Garden Culture from which we come. The Kwatamani Holistic Institute works to refine those physical processes which promote wholesome health and well-being.


The spirit is our lifeline of inspiration, respiration and reparation as we maintain that connection to the life-giving Kemetic principles of Maat which stand as divine order, justice, harmony, truth, reciprocation and higher peace. Thus, our existence is sustained by our spiritual presence.

Our Mission

The Kwatamani Holistic Institute of Brain, Body & Spirit Research & Dev. Inc., is on a mission to plant the seeds of green earth solar consciousness which is rooted in the higher peace nature of Maat.  Kemetic teachings preserved the these sacred ancestral principles of divine order, truth, justice, harmony, reciprocation and higher peace within a cultural framework of garden economics.  Simply stated, one must reap from what one sows.

The Three Divine Laws of Universal Order

1. Divine Consumption of the fruits of the Tree of Life, raw and living fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, herbs and spice.

2. The Divine Union of masculine and feminine energy as Man, He and She, biologically.

3. The Forward Multiplication Of Divinity into every offspringing vibration of the generation next through divine social economic family community order.

mother garden planting seeds