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Nitty Gritty: The New Cycle Survival Codes

For the soul deep within, deeper than the color of skin.

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Two Channels of Energy

There are two channels of energy: the energy that is the forward multiplication of the Essence of Life and Supreme Love and the energy that is opposed to the Essence of Life and Supreme Love….There is either the energy of the Circle of Life or the energy of the linear line that leads to a dead end. One energy is the nature of divine spirit-conscious thought and reasoning in action, and the other energy is the nature of the self-asserting will of egotistical individualism.

One has lost that natural and innate sense and ability to deal with the fact that one can only connect with the nature of the energy that one consumes, mentally, physically and spiritually.

And so the state and condition of Man, He and She, upon the earth today is that mass populations are indeed possessed by the nature of the opposing predatory energy. In fact, the Seth network has been working overtime to dominate and control the life essence of Man, He and She’s soul. As a result, the toxic parallel has become so overpopulated with toxic energies that the mind fields of explosion have reached epidemic proportions and are set to ignite massive implosion.” Excerpt from p. 479, THE PROPHETIC 12,594-YEAR BENU CYCLE: ENCODING THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF HIGHER PEACE THROUGH THE DIVINE UNION OF MASCULINE AND FEMININE ENERGY BOOK 1 by High Priest Kwatamani, release date 11 11, 2011

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