Nitty Gritty 9.8

Traditional ancestral union of masculine and feminine energy in action

Natural selection: green earth solar conscious rebirth within the divine union of masculine and feminine — whole life energy. The Sacred Garden Culture from which we come: solar-infused, plant-fueled…for the survival of humanity, Mama Earth and all living things thereof. Indigenous, traditional, ancestral sustainable living, securing our future generations.

Whole Life Reparations as Spiritual Climate Change for Generation Next

Be the change you want to see in the world, embody these holistic living values as a way of life and actively engage the next generation in thinking, reasoning and actions that contribute to a more humane, just and sustainable green earth solar conscious future for the sake of humanity, Mama Earth and all living things thereof.

Restoring the Consciousness of Holistic Living Oneness

Planting green earth solar consciousness as a sustainable survival plan for Generation Next. Entering the door to 2024, as the old cycle passes away and we emerge into the holistic living order of a New Benu. From Self-Centered Me to the Collective Soul of We: Parenting a New Breed of Humanity.