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Everyday is Earth Day

garden fresh tomato on the vine
organic green vegetables in fertile rich soil

The Greening point

Yes, we have encountered the cycles of deep-freeze meltdown before. However, this meltdown has been accelerated by the abuses and violations committed by the hunting, herding, and warlord culture against the sanctity of Mother Earth. 

The desecration and degradation of the Supreme Feminine She is reflected in environmental pollution and contamination of the atmosphere, depleting the ozone layer, worsened by the destruction of the forested preserves of trees…

Mother Earth is heating up and the waters of this meltdown are her sweat and tears to flush out the toxic waste from her planetary body. The meltdown has reached a greening point, that point that tips the scale in favor of a planetary change, a change in seasons from the cold and pale consciousness of the hunting, herding, and warring tribes to the resurrection of the Ausarian green-god consciousness.  P. 85, The Sacred Ancestral Temple of KRIST

organic vegetables in compost enriched soil
Traditional ancestral union of masculine and feminine energy in action

Nitty Gritty 9.8

Natural selection: green earth solar conscious rebirth within the divine union of masculine and feminine — whole life energy. The Sacred Garden Culture from which we come: solar-infused, plant-fueled…for the survival of humanity, Mama Earth and all living things thereof. Indigenous, traditional, ancestral sustainable living, securing our future generations.

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