Resurrecting the Sacred Garden Culture

Nitty Gritty 9.6 video series

Resurrecting Mama Earth and She, the Feminine Essence of Our Birth, First Genesis

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Let us keep in mind that there is no force or power or presence in existence within the universe that is greater than the Most Supreme Essence of Life and Supreme Love. Whole life energy can never be stopped or conquered by any other energy of an opposite or unwhole nature. Therefore, even though the vicious predatory nature of the opposite energy was clearly exposed, the forward movement of the Most High

Essence of Life and Supreme Love did not waver or bend, and could not be intimidated, bullied or conquered by fright and fear. The Most Supreme Unseen would be ever-vigilant and continue to push a Love Supreme.  Take from Fulfilling the Sacred Ancestral Prophecy of the Triple Nine

by High Priest Kwatamani

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Nitty Gritty 9.8

Natural selection: green earth solar conscious rebirth within the divine union of masculine and feminine — whole life energy. The Sacred Garden Culture from which we come: solar-infused, plant-fueled…for the survival of humanity, Mama Earth and all living things thereof. Indigenous, traditional, ancestral sustainable living, securing our future generations.

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