Video Series: Nitty Gritty 9.4 2024 and Beyond

Prepare for what is in store as 2024 opens the door…Nitty Gritty 9.4

Empowering Generation Next for Green Earth Solar Conscious Survival

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What Nature of Consciousness Do You Live In?

“A consciousness that would allow one to pollute the air, water and soil of one’s living environment is not a whole life consciousness. And if the general population of Man, He and She, is quick to point the finger at political leaders or corporate leaders or any other leaders, one must realize that these leaders are a mere reflection of the followers who support, maintain and willingly consume from the death-consuming culture.

The insanity of dumping toxic waste in the water that one has to drink and emitting toxic fumes and smoke in the air that one has to breathe, and spreading massive amounts of toxic chemicals and inorganic pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers into the soil from which one has to plant and eat reflects a consciousness that is headed for self-destruction.” From Fulfilling the Sacred Ancestral Prophecy of the Triple Nine, p. 416, by High Priest Kwatamani, c2008.

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