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Climate Action for Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health

For over 50 years, we have provided holistic living solutions for thousands of health conscious seekers

Survival is essential…Equally as essential, is advancement beyond mere survival through the consumption of the optimum fueling source for the Children of the Sun, specifically the Fruits of the Tree of Life within the Sacred Garden Culture from which we come. Yes, stuff is heating up, and global warming is closing out a deepfreeze meltdown, the kind and type of meltdown that will turn Greenland green again.

So, I say to those deeply afflicted by the pale mental mindset and its Self-asserting will: it is time to change from deep within. This is much deeper than the color of one’s skin. In this case, the change must begin by detoxing and purging to heal from the toxic nature of the pale mental mindset and its Self-asserting will. One may ask, “But where do I begin?” P. 116 from

THE PROPHETIC 12,594-YEAR BENU CYCLE: Encoding the Consciousness of Higher Peace through the Divine Union of Masculine and Feminine Energy – BOOK 3. Spiritual Analysis of Western Culture and the Re-Awakening of Naga Consciousness

by High Priest Kwatamani

Exposing the Ice-Cold Deep-Freeze Mentality

Introduction: Divine Solutions -- A Plan of Action...."There is no possibility of divine clarity when one is reasoning from the toxic infusions that have inundated one’s thinking process." Written in 2005 by High Priest Kwatamani, prophetic and right on time.
Chapter One download, pdf format, $3.99.


Your Personal Decisions Today Impact Your Experiences Tomorrow

Spiritual climate change is about the inner environment of one’s own consciousness, and the meltdown of those once frozen, barren, isolated mental spaces. This video presentation deals with the dynamics of a long-standing working model of holistic healing.  

The Primary Factors of Holistic Healing

The primary factors of holistic healing deal with the nature of energy one is consuming, mentally, physically and spiritually.  If one remains unaware of the fact that there are two different natures of energy at work within one’s consciousness, then one will be unable to discern the causes and effects of one’s own consumption.  This video lecture presentation provides necessary tools for those who desire to be conscious energy consumers during this time of earth-shifting change.

We are being required to change mental, physical and spiritual consumptions patterns so as to manifest a sustainable future for each other, Mama Earth and all living things thereof.
Kwatamani First Genesis tribe
Oldest, longest sustained, purely raw vegetation consuming family community tribal order known

Seeding and Feeding

4 Sustaining Soulful Transformation

The intersection of personal transformation, sustainable living, climate action, vegan eating, and organic gardening can be called “Sustainable Self-Transformation.” This term encompasses the idea of making changes in one’s life that not only benefit the individual but also contribute to a more sustainable future for the planet. Sustainable Self-Transformation involves a shift in values, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs towards a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

The connection between soul and sustainability highlights the importance of taking a holistic approach that includes life-affirming spiritual values and practices. By making it a priority to focus on our inner being and communal values, we can create a more sustainable future for the planet that is grounded in a deep sense of interconnectedness and care for all living beings.

Root of the Family Tree

The higher-peace consciousness forwarded by the Sacred Ancestral Naga Priesthood was spread in Ausarian teachings that seeded world religious traditions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Taoism and others. Within these traditions, one can track and trace the sacred-garden-culture values that begin with consuming from the fruits of the Tree of Life.

The moral and ethical reasoning that has been preserved from the teachings of the Sacred Ancestral Naga Priesthood honors the sanctity of life. Reverence for life within the Sacred Garden Culture from which we come makes the shedding of blood taboo. Thus, we still find the bits, pieces, and parts of the Sacred Garden Culture throughout the eastern lands of India and Asia.

The principle of Ahimsa, which is a term meaning “non-violence” and “non-injury” is seeded from the Ausarian teachings of higher peace that are upheld within the sacred ancestral Tree-of-Life culture. The sacred ancestral body temple of Ausar was chopped into bits, pieces, and parts by his younger brother Seth and scattered across the world never to be re-membered. However, the re-membering continues to occur, simply because we have not forgotten.

At home with Mother Earth by What the Seer Saw

Soul Transformation Is
A Personal Choice

Stay informed and be inspired to breed, seed and feed a sustainable soulful transformation
Plant a Seed

Honoring the Sacred Garden Culture from which we come

For some people, the conditions of climate change can activate a need for personal transformation and thus can inspire an even greater spiritual awakening. These conscious souls will be compelled to look deeper into the impact of current events and will be able to sense the interconnectedness of all living things.  

Within this sense of interconnectedness, the importance of living in harmony with each other and with Mother Nature becomes a primary focus.  We are witnessing two different natures of energy at work whereby impending crisis can lead to a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, and peace.  Divine order or toxic reality.

Nitty Gritty 6:  indigenous family relationships, soulmate, polyamory, polygamy, monogamy, parenting

Nitty Gritty 6: indigenous family relationships, soulmate, polyamory, polygamy, monogamy, parenting

First, we must address the divide between He and She, the breaking and brokenness of the unified bond that secures the divine union of masculine and feminine energy as the essence of our Supreme Parenting Source. High Priest Kwatamani gets down to the Nitty Gritty for six in the mix of this earth-shifting climate-changing fix.

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Nitty Gritty 2: The Urgent Need to Free Sacred Souls of Generation X, Y & Z

Nitty Gritty 2: The Urgent Need to Free Sacred Souls of Generation X, Y & Z

You can tell a tree by the fruit it bears. Divine order or toxic reality — one sustains your living presence. One depletes your living presence. Two different natures of energy. For those who are ready to apply common sense reasoning to unveil the so-called hidden mysteries of spirituality so as to cross the threshold into a higher peace, green earth soula conscious state of being. Standing at the crossroads of a major bottleneck in humanity's evolution of consciousness. High Priest Kwatamani deals with the Nitty Gritty in part 2.

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