Sacred Garden Culture Converges

All that rises must converge...for a green earth solar conscious gathering of like minds who have the heart and soul to be whole life caretakers of Mother Earth. High Priest Kwatamani forwards the holistic living principles in action that secured our First Genesis and indeed sustain our presence as the global family community of humanity.

High Priest Kwatamani Inner View

Look, listen, learn, discern.

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Principles and practices of Divine Social Economic Family Community Order: Analyzing Parenting Energies

Divine Social Economic Family Community Order

Your body is a collective, a holistic living system that includes all parts working together. This is why a holistic living way of life forwards the whole life presence of each and every Man, He and She, as members of the social body of humanity. Divine social economic family community order then can be defined as a state of health and wholesome well-being for the each member within the embodiment of humanity.

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