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The ancient Kemetic culture was a River Valley Civilization, an advanced culture that valued sustainable organic gardening practices. This is evidenced by the wealth of their economy based on planting and harvesting as the security of an abundant food supply. This meant that the land and resources were used wisely and with respect to ensure a plentiful and diverse food source for the people. The concept of Maat, which is divine order, justice, harmony, unity, and higher peace, was at the core of their spiritual beliefs.

At the heart of Kemetic culture was the sacredness of our natural environment, namely Mother Earth, wind, rain and sun. These were seen as essential elements of life, and the people would revere them and give thanks for all that they offered. This spiritual reverence of the environment was the foundation of family and community order, and it was believed that this divine order fed the soul and secured the survival of humanity.

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