Green Earth Soula Consciousness 101, part 5

Do you know who you truly be?

Feminine energy restoring the nurturing essence

The question is asked: “Do you know who you truly be?” Mindset determines one’s destiny. And the answer that you provide regarding one’s identity will make all the difference in the world.

Join High Priest Kwatamani as he reveals the pathways of consciousness that open the door to a higher peace state of being, and the steps that must be taken to reclaim the magnificent potential of masculine and feminine energy in divine union. Here we have a personal communication that offers insights and comprehensive principles for detoxing, purging and healing, rooted in the oldest spirituality system of humanity documented and preserved for these times — the Kemetic wisdom of Maat.

Catch the brainwaves transmitted in the airwaves in this ground-breaking series with a primary focus on earth save.

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“You are a sum total of the nature of energy you consume, mentally, physically and spiritually.” HPK

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The best is yet to come and failure is not an option. HPK

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