Video Storytelling

Communication, cultural enrichment, and communal participation.

Our homeschool youth video project initiative engages both students and teachers in the  oral traditions and the transmission of Sacred Garden cultural values.  This inspirational storytelling production is filled with ancestral Kemetic dance, beautiful scenery, drumming and dramatic oral expression. 

Communal Homeschooling Youth Excellence

Kemetic Cultural Traditions

The talents, gifts and beauty of the generation next must be cultivated and uplifted within divine social economic family community order.  

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Using media to promote positive images

The link between elders and youth has often been disrupted within the individualistic self-centered constructs of modern society.  However, the ancestral patterns of storytelling, singing, chanting, drumming and dance activate a deeper memory of our shared humanity, the underlying connection that formulates a consciousness of higher peace. The motto is “each one, teach one.” And the approach is hands-on.

Teaching ancestral cultural awareness and media literacy assists youth in comprehending the nature of  the media they consume while allowing them to become more discerning in their own communication pathways.

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