The best is yet to come.

The beauty of you is a work in progress. Keeping it raw, real and naturally beautiful — inside and out. That’s what Kwatamani Transformations is all about. Starting with the nature of energy that one consumes as the fueling source of every mental, physical and spiritual manifestation.

We are stating that the Sacred Ancestral Naga Priesthood serves to open the pathways of new feeling sensations of masculine and feminine energy within the higher-peace consciousness of divine union. The advanced spiritual insight that inspired the sacred teachings of ancient priesthood orders within garden-culture communities has been preserved within the Most Supreme Unseen Naga Priesthood. What we mean is that there is a supreme inner network of communication within the consciousness of higher peace that is far beyond what has manifested as the physical Internet, page 164 from THE AUSARIAN SACRED ANCESTRAL TEMPLE OF KRIST WHOLE LIFE HEALING THROUGH PLANT-BASED CONSUMPTION

Rejuvenate. Revitalize. Reclaim.

Wholesome health and well-being is attractive, vibrant and fulfilling. Holistic living health is true wealth

Life-affirming Steps manifesting destiny

A roadmap to the abundant benefits of a holistic living lifestyle: healing and restoring your greatest soul potential.

Intensify and accelerate progress

Learn from the matured wisdom of elder guidance. High Priest Kwatamani has fathered and sustained the oldest 100% raw vegan family community known

Spiritual consultation session

45 minute session $250

One-on-one consultation session via phone with High Priest Kwatamani, supreme soothsayer, soul seer and spiritual healer.

Personal, private and profound exploration and analysis with the focused direction of whole life healing.

Personal exploration and analysis

Inner reflection assignments

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