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A holistic living way of life

The I in I speak a great deal about divine socio-economics. Oftentimes, the concept is not quite clear within the mind of thought, although it is very simplified to the sacred spirit within. Being candid and blunt, divine socio-economics simply means social economics that does not create hurt or harm upon others, other living things, or the basic elements of the earth, wind, rain and solar system that have been provided by our Most High Creator. With us—Man, He and She—being the sacred creation that we are and claim to be, it behooves us to be vigilant in our protection of the Earth system in which we live. Polluted water and air and depleted soil is a statement of failure to divinely communicate of mind, body and spirit. Failure is not an option…page 82

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Sacred Garden Culture

Failure is not an option.

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It must become clear that the slaughter of an animal in order to serve our personal wants or our egotistical desires is not natural, innate, and is certainly not our god-given right. Neither is it our god-given right to pollute the Earth system to satisfy our craving for new and fancier things and stuff. It will come down to a clear-cut understanding that our basic needs are our only innate rights. Those basic needs are divine consumption of food, divine consumption of sunshine and divine consumption of tender loving care. We must begin to understand that what we put in is what will come out, and that is what will come back to us again…page 82.

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