Holistic Assessment & Consultation Sessions

The first step in any journey begins from where one is at. Therefore, the Holistic Assessment Sessions are designed to identify and explore one’s current state of mental, physical and spiritual presence in order to best navigate a personalized program of transformation. 

hands planting

Time to a new you.

For any forward movement, optimum fuel is essential and our focus is vegan raw and living foods to provide nutrient-rich, high-energy fuel to accelerate life-affirming transformations in your mental, physical and spiritual state of being.

Preliminary Assessment

The first exploratory session to “put it all on the table” and sort out the vital factors of transitioning to a vegan raw and living foods lifestyle.

Intermediate Evaluation

The second session is for working towards a sense of balance in outlining personal goals and areas of strong focus.

Comprehensive Analysis

The third session is preparation for the fundamentals of mental, physical and spiritual transformation. Human beings are creatures of habit and creating new habits requires optimum fuel.

Time to a new you.