Sustainable living

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Sustainable living as the greatest story ever told — the true life love story that goes beyond romantic fantasies and explores holistic relationships that build strong family community networks for our future, the generation next.

Resurrecting Sacred Ancestral Femininity

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High Priest Kwatamani addresses the essential life-affirming nature of feminine energy with his daughter of soul, Kwashayla. After vibing with his two youngest granddaughters, in a rap, “Got to Reach Her”, the High Priest lays out the plan of action for reclaiming and securing precious jewels of femininity into the third generation of divine social economic family community order.

Maat: Kemetic blueprint for a holistic living way of life

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Holistic living principles of Maat, the Kemetic embodiment of truth, justice, peace, harmony, reciprocation and the balance of divine order as a way of life. These sacred ancestral values are the root, foundation and base of divine social economic family community order.

Manifest Your Destiny

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Yes, indeed, who is it that will have enough divine humility to recognise that the first level of detoxing and purging to heal must begin  within one’s Self which has been groomed and conditioned by its individualistic nature to oppose the essence of his and her soul.