A Key Point of Survival

What became clear to all of humanity during this prophetic third cycle of nine that began in 2018 and ends in 2027 is that strengthening our immune defense system is key to survival.
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Life Energy is Priceless

Your body is a collective, a holistic living system that includes all parts working together. This is why a holistic living way of life forwards the whole life presence of each and every Man, He and She, as members of the collective body of humanity. We refer to the state of health and wholesome wellbeing as the divine order of universal law. Health is the holistic living wealth of humanity.
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Healing Factors & Herbal Qualities

detailed information on nutritional and healing factors of foods to strengthen body immunity

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Easy Delicious Recipes

simple and easy to follow, step-by-step recipes and instructions

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Brain Body & Spirit

over 100 beautiful full-color photographs

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Raw Vegan, Juicing, Sprouting

Vibrant and energizing raw vegan dishes, juicing combinations and sprouting tips

Code Green Digital Download

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Secure your true wealth

Holistic Living Health Is Your Wealth